Monday, 27 September 2010

My First Day Of Ms Jill's Class!

Hailoo there everyone (:  Today was my first day of Ms Jill's Class and also my first class at Oceanside Elementary. I was extremely excited as I absolutely love to roleplay and meet new friends and what better way to do that than also getting a education! Even though I was excited I was kind of nervous too, my thoughts at the time where 'Will my teacher be nice?' 'Will I make friends?' 'What if class is too hard?' 'I might get lost' 'I hope I don't get in trouble.' But now they all cleared up and everything was fine. Ms Jill went through the rules with us so we knew what to do and what not to do. Class has been really fun today because everybody seems nice and the teacher is extremely nice and not strict and mean at all! I'm sure I gonna like it here ;) Here is some snapshots of my class.
This me in class. My twin Rene next to me but she dozed off *giggles.*

This is my class and the big star saying 'Miss Jill's Lil' Stars! Oh and Miss Jill herself standing over there.

Me just chilling on the pillows.

Class rules! Be sure to OBEY them or you not welcome in the classroom!

Miss Jill's Desk!


  1. wow. really cool pichurs! welcome to OSE an miss jills class. u really ar in tha best class at ose. juss sayin. :D