Friday, 15 October 2010

How did your egg effect your responsibilities in SL?

Ms Jill tolds me I hads a girl and it made me very happy (: I promised myself to take good cares of hers and me named her Shae, short for Shaelynn. Me took her eberywhere me work, to partys, to bed ands trips arounds da world! We also wents to amusement parks, Africa, and other countries where the animals are because Shae likes animals :D Hot air balloons, camping & we hads lots of fun.
Me wubs her wivs all me heart and protected her froms all dangers including da evil poisonous bugs in Africa! *gasp* I fighted dem off wiv me flip flop. Heres some picshurs of are days outs togevurrs (:

 The evil bugs!






 Dunt go in the door to the right!


 Dunt go in the door to the left either <.< 

  NOMNOM Out view

 NOMNOM In view

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