Friday, 15 October 2010

If you was stranded on a deserted island - who would you choose and why?

Oh wows...wells dats a very hard question and mes would habs to fink of dat very carefully as me habs lots of very important people me luvs lots and lots and would wants to be with them all so choosing 3 will be very difficult... To start off I'd say... uhmmmm *bites her lip wondering*

I'd defo pick Nevaeh Hannu because she is the closest person to mes. I've known her nearly since the start I made this avvy...2-3 weeks into it I mets her and ever since me lubbed her lots n lots wivs all my lil kiddie heart can holds, she is always der for me through thick or thin ands if me upset she can always makes me smile. She is a elfy too just likes me ands me lub to hang out wibs her and play cheesy ;D I couldn't live wivouts her so me defo would choose her no matter what!

My second choice would have to be...

My wifey (Im straight btw...wifey as in BFF) *giggles*
Diamond Bogbat is my bestie in the whole wide second world. No matter what happens she's there for me and we've got so much memories together of fun fun times! She and I are similar in SL and RL. If I didn't meet this gal I swear I'd of died! She owns my heart all the way out just like nevvy. Yup thats right I have lots of hearts! Nope Just hearts very big wiv lots of room for everybody to be a parts of (:

My third choice would have to be...

Sana Winslet because she is one of my other cool friends ^_^
She dresses uber cute especially her lil boots YOU SHOULD totally SEE DEM! *laughs*
Uhmm...yeah and like so shes uber funny and stuffs, whens me met her the day I got accepted into Oceanside just like her we was getting are uniforms and we totally like clicked :) Glad I mets hers because I'd miss out on lots of laughter and fun without her.

I love all of them and much more...If some people are reading this and I didn't name you I'm sorry, only aloud to pick 3 so *shrugs* Like I said It's difficult cuz me lubs all my friends and family (:
Thank yous for reading dis hehe.

Btw...Rene, my twin is always in my heart and with me wherever I go so she would be with me always including on the deserted island but she wouldn't take up a person slot as theres always room for her in my heart <3 Ily Rene Forever <3

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