Saturday, 2 October 2010

What Is/Was Your Favorite Childhood Toy?

Ummies...My favourite childhood toy? Wells I'm not very sure because I don't really have one but I'll say my favourite 5 *giggles* My first one would be erm, dollhouse ;) , teddy bear, football (from U.K so soccer ball for most of you since ya probs from U.s.a. Ermmm, crayons and a skipping rope :D I like them because I used to be lonely and me and Rene just talked to each other and coloured in or played with barbie dolls in the dollhouse and have teddy bear picnics. When we came to are first school we made some more friends and placed Jump Rope which was tons of funs so I'd say those would be me favourites ;3
Skipping Rope (:

Football (:

Teddy Bear (:

Crayons (:

DollyHousey (:
*nibbles on cookie* Der you ares. Teeeheee (:

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